2012年3月27日 | Evan Burkosky

Hospitality through science.

This is the vision of e-Agency.

Through the evolution of technology, we are now able to do things absolutely impossible for humans to do alone.
Websites can grasp thousands and millions of people at the same time, and can greet them according to each of their likes and interests. We are also able to accurately record and grasp each of their actions and make use of it for their future visits.

However, no matter how much technology advances, the users will always be humans.
The value of technology differs completely depending on the feelings and attention of the user.

“Hospitality through science”, means to use technology for the old Japanese custom of being considerate, concerned and mindful of others.

Our hope is to use technology itself, not for the selfish benefit and satisfaction of the user only, but also to provide happiness, joy and benefit to the used (=customers). We want to use technology for such heartfelt “hospitality” to the utmost.

Our company was born in Kyoto at the dawn of Internet history.
Kyoto has many old and well-established companies. I believe the reason those companies have survived for hundreds of years is not only because their products and services were wonderful, but also because the hospitality and hearts of the people dealing those products and services were wonderful.

Being an Internet-company and a Kyoto-company.

Dreaming of the far future when we are an “old and well-established company”, we want to continue providing innovative and heartfelt products and services, never forgetting the heart of “hospitality” .
This is our ambition.


Evan Burkosky