2014年5月30日 | Evan Burkosky

Data business

Data utility has become a necessity today due to the complex behavior of Internet users. Seeing this, e-Agency utilizes Google analytics and Google analytics premium to support our clients with data utility.

We take the 5 steps shown below to help our clients make decisions and policies based on mass data.

(1) Fabricating data measurement environment
(2) Training to acquire analytic tool skills
(3) Extracting/mapping out important benchmark figures
(4) Support for automated regular reporting
(5) Finding issues to tackle by user segments

The goal of data utility is getting results and improving on it. We provide services in this field as well. With a quantitative analysis, we optimize user behavior on websites and smartphone websites to support our clients improve their pages on a daily basis.

As digital marketing becomes more important than ever, our goal is to maximize client performance through both data utility and results/improvement.

Product business

Our cloud product department develops/sells SaaS cloud services. Our most famous services include: “Submit! Recommend”, a SaaS recommend engine with over 800 website accounts. “shutto”, the smartphone page converter that let’s you drag & drop PC websites and turn them into smartphone pages. “Submit! E-mail service”, the 900yen/month mailing service. + many more…

The concept is “An unique, easy to use, handy product”. Our product is original, unlike any from our competition. Anyone can use it with ease without any special knowledge. Our goal is to develop/sell products and install them handily in order to provide the necessary services customers are looking for.

Another one of our services is “Submit!”, a community for creative companies. “Submit! Website creator matching service” is a platform that connects the creator’s desire to “create” and the customer’s desire to “find” a creator to fulfill their needs. We also host the “Submit! Seminar & Offline meeting” (9 locations in Japan), where creators meet face-to-face. We also operate the “Submit! Store” where creative customers can purchase handy tools for their businesses.

We will strengthen our stability and scale we have acquired from our cloud business management in the past and continue to utilize our community management knowledge to provide our clients and creative companies with beneficial services on and off the Internet.

E-commerce business

As the EC market grows in size, numerous websites launch every year and it is getting pretty hectic out there. Under such circumstances, simply launching a website nowadays will not satisfy your customers. Rather, website management/support is much more important.

e-Agency has provided EC website support for numerous clients. We develop/sell the EC.Dragon, a platform that specializes in fabricating/managing websites dealing with cosmetics, health foods, and other consumer products that requires repeating customers to be successful.

EC.Dragon provides various services such as a registration form that is integrated with the ad page so that the customer can order with ease, a step-mail function to retain repeating customers, a promotion system that looks at each customer’s situation/behavior and offers discounts and special gifts to acquire new customers and increase repeating customers, system for operators in call centers, and many more to help our clients gain more repeating customers.

Furthermore, we integrate this service with other services we have developed such as the e-mailing service, recommend services, log analysis services, Googleanalytics, and more. By doing so, we aim to “acquire new customers x turn them into repeating customers” in order to improve sales figure of EC websites.


Evan Burkosky