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2014年10月20日 | Evan Burkosky

Kyoto Office Introduction

In our Kyoto office, we mainly support E-commerce.
We have been supporting Kansai-area businesses for many years.

After graduating from Doshisha University, our current Kyoto office representative, Naoki Kai, entered the predecessor to E-Agency, Japan Search Engine, which established Japan’s first search engine.

After that, while working on other internet business ventures, he started to form, what is now, E-Agency, and while the current Kyoto office has inherited the DNA of those days, it now has a stronger basis that features a different hue with a focus on software development.

To symbolize this, half of our current 20 employees are made up of engineers. With this many, approximately 65% of our Kyoto office’s sales come from engaging in software development and systems operations geared specifically toward supporting the E-commerce needs of businesses. We also take on everything from developing, and maintaining, E-commerce projects for large companies, managing their contents, as well as creating sales improvement measures through PDCA.

We are also aiming to position ourselves as a leader in helping traditional business clients engage in E-commerce, all the way from procuring stock to distributing goods. We strive to help them make use of their cultivated knowledge to take bold risks in selling goods online.

Furthermore, we plan to utilize our software group, which has developed the motto of, “Make users fans and maximize LTV.”, from its E-commerce support business, in other fields and to develop new markets.

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In our Kyoto office, we run two support businesses and one slightly unusual online business.

We support the sales improvement policies of Kansai-based businesses through E-commerce.

We think of creating an E-commerce site, not just as simply creating a site, but as “developing a new business or store.” Although it is “E-commerce”, the true essence of business doesn’t change. In other words, you can’t just expect to launch a website and automatically see sales. If you don’t have a sales strategy or business know-how, you won’t see any profits.

Here at the Kyoto office, we aim to increase our clients’ sales through E-commerce site construction, improvement and operations support and to support their E-commerce by using our diverse experience and achievements as a basis.

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Let’s take a look at an example of an online shopping site that we have supported up to now. See example here

This is a long-standing Kyoto-based shop that has seen the fruits of E-commerce in the form of revenue sharing.

Since the end of the Edo period, this long-standing, traditional and prestigious Kyoto-based brand has been providing various products to women, with the goal of keeping their hair beautiful in mind. Starting with their specially made camellia oil, they offer various beauty goods and hair products.

Their concept is to introduce various goods to their customers, such as safe, high-quality soaps. Not only is user-friendliness and design important, but they want to introduce products that have been rigidly researched, from the materials used down to the manufacturing process. They also develop their own original goods, whose quality are highly rated.

Since the end of the Edo period, this long-standing, traditional and prestigious Kyoto-based brand has been providing various products to women, with the goal of keeping their hair beautiful in mind. Starting with their specially made camellia oil, they offer various beauty goods and hair products.

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We support all Kansai-based businesses from medium to large.

In the 15 years since its founding, the Kyoto office has supported the business of many client companies.
To meet the demands of our various clients, we have not only supported their E-commerce businesses, but have supported the online businesses of medium to large sized Kansai-based clients through constructing their websites, as well as, developing and maintaining, their systems.

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Let’s take a look at some of the businesses that we have helped to support until now. Click here for a list of companies.

Miyagawa-cho, Kyoto Site Creation and Support

This is the official site for one of Kyoto’s most famous areas, Miyagawa-cho. On the site, events that will be held at the area’s performance space are announced and people can learn more about traditional performance programs. In the initial stages, we had to construct the site and create all of its contents. When producing the contents, we wanted to show the brilliance and magnificence of it all, so we selected many images of apprentice geisha. However, the design started to look too gaudy, so as not to hinder the image of the traditional Miyagawa-cho, we implemented a design that fused its brilliance and subtlety.

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Boxes? A slightly unusual online business.

The main undertaking of E-Agency is internet business, and while nobody will extol the extensiveness of our menu, we run a slightly unusual online business as well, in the form of mail-order box sales. To begin with, we offer support for all online promotions, from system design and maintenance to E-commerce support, for all of our client companies, but we also go the extra mile by offering another needed item when doing E-commerce, packaging.

“We have existing packaging that we would like to put our company logo on, but the cost would be too high, right?

“The cost would take up too much money, right?”

If you have thoughts like these, please feel free to contact the E-Agency Kyoto office and we can help you.

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